Published Works

RAI founder, Ward Rosenberry, is an author of several books published by O’Reilly Media and by Prentice Hall.

Understanding DCE

Understanding DCE by Ward Rosenberry,
David Kenney, and Gerry Fisher.
A detailed explanation of the OSF
Distributed Computing Environment, how
it works, and an overview of how to write
programs using it.

Distributing Applications Across DCE and Windows NT

Distributing Applications Across DCE
and Windows NT
by Ward Rosenberry
and Jim Teague. This book describes
the similarities and differences between
Microsoft RPC and DCE RPC, and explains
how to write interoperable distributed

Microsoft RPC Programming Guide

Microsoft RPC Programming Guide
by John Shirley and Ward Rosenberry.
Provides fundamental concepts for
writing a distributed application using
Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

DCE Today

DCE Today, Ward Rosenberry, Editor.
An updated description of the Distributed
Computing Environment. The work presents
a compendium of articles written by experts
from organizations using DCE.